Starting with bees

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby – however it can be daunting when starting out, especially when you begin reading up on it or speak to people who already keep bees – a plethora of new and unfamiliar terms, and a seemingly mystic art of bee husbandry with jealously guarded secrets (and, you’ll soon discover, many strong and differing opinions on how best to keep bees!)

Fear not though – almost anyone of any age can become a beekeeper – all it needs is some basic knowledge and commitment to ensure the well-being of your bees. You will need to commit a certain amount of time each week from March to November to care for your hives and you will need to be able to lift and move parts of the hive around during inspections. This can mean a fair amount of exertion, especially during the harvest moving frames full of honey (20-30lb per box!)- however beekeepers are a friendly bunch and there are always others around who will be glad to help out.

The best way to get started is to take one of the beginner courses offered by your local beekeeping association (see our Training page) – that way you will get a very comprehensive feel of what beekeeping entails, and whether it is something for you.  If you don’t know any beekeepers, your local beekeeping association is teeming with them, and most will be delighted to share their experiences with you!  

Our on line Gallery will give you a sneak preview of what we get up to – and when you’re ready to try it for yourself, get in touch with us via the Contact page.